Hi! I’m Kahentawaks, or Ruby for short. I am a Montreal based artisan with an assortment of creative talents. Many of my skills were acquired by jumping head first into my hobbies. So if I can do it, you know I’m passionate about it! My creative career was kick started at Mega Brands in 2013 where I had the opportunity to professionally practice things I had formerly done for fun. During my time there I designed and built large scale brick sculptures for shows and events, as well as small scale realistic landscapes for videos and commercials. I am also savvy in an odd variety of things such as costuming, prop making, and miniature painting. I am currently in my second year of studying Computation Arts at Concordia University. Thanks to this program I have been able to explore an art form I have always been interested in: the world of 3D modeling! Although I am fairly new to it, I am confident in the abilities I have acquired so far.
So if you have need of a crafty individual to help realize your next big project, feel free to contact me and we can make it happen!
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